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Double Coin

Double Coin RLB1 225/75R17.5

Category: Double Coin

Reliability in Motion

The Double Coin RLB1 tyre is a premium choice for heavy trucks and buses requiring dependable drive-position tyres. Engineered with an aggressive open shoulder and deep tread design, it ensures a powerful grip and solid traction across rain, snow, and mud. Its design prioritizes long tyre life and features full-depth siping for sustained performance.

The heavy-duty casing not only provides stability but also supports retreading, enhancing the tyre’s value and lifespan. Designed to withstand the challenges of heavy-duty transportation, this tyre offers protection from road hazards and debris, ensuring reliability and safety on long journeys and in tough conditions.

Open Shoulder Design

Delivers exceptional traction in various conditions, ensuring reliable performance in wet and dry weather.

Full Depth Siping

Guarantees consistent performance and grip throughout the tyre's lifespan, offering peace of mind for longer hauls.

Heavy Duty Casing

Increases stability for heavier loads and makes the tyre suitable for retreading, maximising the investment.

Robust Tyre Design

Provides added protection against the rigours of heavy transportation, from road hazards to job site debris, extending tyre durability and reducing downtime.

Brand Double Coin
Pattern RLB1
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 75
Rim Size 17.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No