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REM 10

Double Coin REM 10 haulage tyre, the epitome of reliability and performance for heavy-duty hauling needs. Engineered with precision and built to endure.

Double Coin White

Stable and responsive handling

Designed to excel in haulage applications, the Double Coin REM 10 delivers exceptional traction, stability, and durability. Its specialized tread pattern ensures optimal grip on various road surfaces, providing confidence and control during heavy loads.

Whether you’re navigating highways, construction sites, or rough terrains, this tyre delivers the traction you need to get the job done efficiently.Constructed with high-quality materials and advanced technologies, the Double Coin REM 10 is built to last.

Its robust construction resists cuts, punctures, and abrasions, ensuring extended tyre life and minimizing downtime. This tyre’s durability allows you to maximize your productivity and minimize costly interruptions.

REM 10

Unbeatable tread design

The OEM Certified REM-10 OTR tyre features a multi-function, non-directional tread design for optimum performance.

Unique center block tread design

Designed for the rugged needs of articulating trucks, the REM-10 OTR is built to delivers superior off-the-road traction, and a smooth ride in all types of terrain.

Built to haul

(E3/L3) Haulage/articulated tyre.

All sizes available for the
Double Coin REM 10

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Size 14.00R24
Width 14
Rim 24
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No