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382 MPT

Alliance 382 MPT 600/50R22.5

Category: Alliance

Efficiency on Every Terrain

The Alliance 382 MPT, a standout tyre in the radial flotation series, is engineered to enhance the efficiency of agricultural transportation. Constructed with an all-steel body and fortified with special rubber compounds, it delivers durability and performance under demanding conditions.

The tyre features a deep, non-directional block-type pattern designed for comfortable, high-speed driving on roads and exceptional mobility in the fields. This design minimises resistance for on-road applications while ensuring the tyre can handle the diverse challenges of agricultural environments. Whether it’s high-speed road travel or navigating through soft soil in the fields, the Alliance 382 MPT tyre provides a seamless transition between terrains, ensuring maximum productivity with minimal downtime.

The Alliance 382 MPT tyre is designed to meet the dual demands of agricultural transportation, offering a perfect blend of road efficiency and off-road capability, making it a versatile choice for farmers and agricultural contractors seeking to maximise productivity and reduce costs.

All-Steel Construction

Offers enhanced durability and puncture resistance, making it ideal for heavy loads and rough terrain encountered in agricultural transport.

Special Rubber Compounds

These compounds are chosen for their ability to withstand the harsh conditions of both road and field work, ensuring a longer tyre life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Deep Non-Directional Block Pattern

Allows for comfortable high-speed driving on roads and provides high mobility in fields, ensuring efficient transport and operation without compromising on performance.

Low Resistance for On-Road Applications

Designed to minimise rolling resistance when driving on roads, this feature improves fuel efficiency and reduces wear, contributing to lower operating costs and environmental impact.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 382 MPT
Width 600
Aspect Ratio 50
Rim Size 22.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No