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370 Agri Star

Alliance 370 Agri Star 260/70R20

Category: Alliance

Grip, Efficiency, Durability

Designed to meet the demands of modern, high-power tractors, the 370 Agri Star R-1 is a wide-base radial tire that excels in heavy-duty field and hauling applications. It features a special R1-W traction tread pattern for exceptional grip, coupled with a radial nylon casing and rigid belts that ensure high traction efficiency across diverse terrains.

The mudguard and unique shoulder design further enhance this tire’s performance, preventing soil buildup and ensuring consistent traction. One of its standout features is the large tire footprint area, which significantly reduces average ground pressure, thereby minimizing soil compaction and improving flotation abilities. The strong nylon carcass, coupled with rigid belts and an endurance tread rubber compound, not only provides long tire life but also offers reliability and performance that exceed expectations.

The “R-1” designation indicates that this tire is specifically designed for agricultural field use, providing optimal performance in a variety of soil conditions. Its wide-base radial design, combined with specialized features, makes it a superior choice for modern farming operations seeking efficiency, durability, and reduced environmental impact.

Special R1-W Traction Tread Pattern

Offers exceptional grip and high traction efficiency, making it ideal for a variety of field and hauling applications.

Reduced Soil Compaction

The large tire footprint area significantly lowers average ground pressure, minimizing soil compaction and enhancing crop yields by preserving soil health.

Increased Flotation Abilities

Improves the tractor's ability to float over soft or muddy surfaces, reducing the risk of getting stuck and ensuring smoother operations.

Long Tire Life

A combination of strong nylon carcass, rigid belts, and an endurance tread rubber compound extends the tire's lifespan, providing a high return on investment through reduced replacement costs and downtime.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 370 Agri Star
Width 260
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 20
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No