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Alliance 222 15.0/55-17 380/55-17

Category: Alliance

Efficiency Across Terrains

The Alliance 222 Agricultural Implement tyre is meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of agricultural applications, offering an optimal blend of durability and performance. Boasting a multi-rib, low-section design, it significantly enhances the ability to carry heavy loads without necessitating high inflation pressures, thus preserving the soil and reducing compaction.

The extra wide tread and high volume of the tyre not only ensure stability and longevity but also adapt effortlessly to both on and off-the-road conditions. Particularly effective on soft and dry sand, the Alliance 222 can be mounted on drive wheels for improved traction and efficiency, making it a versatile solution for a broad range of agricultural machinery.

The Alliance 222 tyre embodies the ideal combination of strength, versatility, and efficiency, specifically designed to meet the complex needs of modern agriculture. Its innovative design supports sustainable farming practices by ensuring heavy loads can be transported efficiently without compromising soil health or crop performance.

Multi-Rib, Low-Section Design

Offers excellent stability and load distribution, allowing for heavy loads with lower inflation pressures, reducing soil compaction and enhancing crop yield.

Extra Wide Tread and High Volume

Increases the contact area with the ground, leading to improved weight distribution and minimal pressure on the soil, which is crucial for protecting crop roots and ensuring healthy growth.

Versatility for On and Off-the-Road

Engineered to perform reliably in both on-the-road transport and off-road agricultural conditions, offering flexibility and reducing the need for tyre changes.

Optimal Performance on Soft and Dry Sand

The ability to mount the tyre on drive wheels ensures superior traction and control on challenging surfaces such as soft and dry sand, enhancing maneuverability and productivity.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 222
Width 15
Aspect Ratio 55
Rim Size 17
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No