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Alliance 221 33×15.50-15

Category: Alliance

Grasslands Flotation

Designed to potentially replace dual tire configurations, the 221R offers superior performance by providing a high load capacity with significantly reduced inflation and rolling resistance. Its expansive footprint ensures minimal damage to fields and crops, safeguarding your agricultural investments.

Crafted with a durable nylon carcass and a special ozone-resistant compound, this tire is built to last, promising longevity and reliability for your farming needs.

Embrace the future of agricultural mobility with the Alliance 221R Grassland Flotation Tire.

Improved mobility

Improves mobility of utility vehicles and agricultural implements and can replace dual tyre configurations.

High capacity

High load capacity with reduced inflation and rolling resistance.

Large footprint

Minimises damage to field and crops.

Nylon carcass

The special ozone resistant compound ensures longer tyre life.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 221
Width 33
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 15.50
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No