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Advance L-4A 10-16.5

Category: Advance

Skid-Steer Tyre with Unmatched Durability

The Advance L-4A represents the pinnacle of skid-steer tyre technology with its bias L-4 severe service rock tread, specifically engineered for challenging Australian construction sites.

The non-directional tread design ensures reliable performance on packed soil or hard surfaces, while the reinforced carcass and steel belt within the carcass shield against tread penetration and damage. Additionally, the tyre’s sidewalls are fortified with a curb and rim guard to offer extra protection against rim and sidewall damage, enhancing the tyre’s longevity and stability under tough conditions.

With its robust construction and specialised features, the Advance L-4A tyre is an excellent choice for construction companies in Australia looking for a reliable tyre that can withstand the rigours of severe service conditions while providing exceptional traction and durability.

Wide and Deep Tread

Provides excellent stability and traction, ensuring optimal performance in rocky and severe conditions typical of construction sites.

Big Block Design

Enhances wear resistance and cut resistance, crucial for maintaining tyre integrity in rough terrain.

Reinforced Sidewall with Curb and Rim Guard:

Offers additional protection against sidewall and rim damage, extending the life of the tyre in demanding environments.

Steel Belted Carcass

Ensures greater penetration resistance, protecting the tyre from sharp objects and reducing the risk of downtime due to tyre damage.

Brand Advance
Pattern L-4A
Width 10
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 16.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No