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Advance GLR20 35/65R33

Category: Advance

Stability and Superior Traction

The Advance GLR20, a radial OTR L-5 tyre, is designed to conquer severe conditions with unparalleled efficiency. Featuring a non-directional tread for consistent traction and a wide footprint for superior handling, this tyre is built for both stability and endurance.

The reinforced carcass and deep tread profile extend its life, even on demanding surfaces, making it a resilient choice for varied applications. Optimised tyre shoulders and sidewalls ensure impressive driving behavior under adverse conditions, highlighting its adaptability and ruggedness.

Whether navigating industrial sites or traversing rough landscapes, the GLR20 delivers performance you can trust.

Non-directional Tread Design

Ensures consistent, excellent traction, essential for maintaining performance across diverse environments.

Wide footprint

Enhances stability and handling, providing a secure base for operations on any terrain.

Optimised Shoulder Design

Improves tyre response and durability, particularly in severe conditions, safeguarding against environmental challenges.

Enhanced Sidewall Compound

Increases the resilience and operational performance of the tyre, ensuring reliability under extreme conditions.

Brand Advance
Pattern GLR20
Width 35
Aspect Ratio 65
Rim Size 33
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No