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E-3 / L-3

Advance E-3 / L-3 18.00R25

Category: Advance

Grip That Lasts

Engineered for the most demanding conditions, the Advance E-3/L-3 tyre stands out as the ultimate choice for heavy-duty earthmoving, loading, and dozing operations, particularly in challenging environments like mining and construction sites. This OTR (Off-The-Road) bias tyre features a non-directional and deep tread pattern that provides superior grip, traction, and controllability across all types of surfaces. Its high-strength carcass design, combined with an advanced compound, ensures the tyre is not only puncture-resistant but also cut-resistant and capable of withstanding extreme wear.

The E-3/L-3 designation signifies its expertise in delivering excellent performance in Earthmover and Loader/Dozer applications, with a Rock Design Tread that is specifically tailored to navigate rough and uneven landscapes efficiently.


Special Tread Compound

The tyre is engineered with a special compound that significantly reduces the likelihood of punctures and cuts, extending its life and reliability in harsh conditions.

Strong Carcass Structure

The robust carcass structure of the tyre is designed to handle the heaviest loads without compromise, ensuring safety and stability during intensive operations.

Extra Wide Tread

The extra-wide tread design provides a greater footprint, enhancing stability and efficiency by distributing the vehicle's weight more evenly and improving traction.

Excellent Grip and Traction

With its non-directional and deep tread pattern, the tyre offers outstanding grip and traction, ensuring smooth controllability and operation on rough terrains.

Brand Advance
Pattern E-3 / L-3
Width 18
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 25
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No