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Advance E-2C 14.00-20

Category: Advance

OTR Bias E-2 Earthmover

The Advance E-2C tyre is a robust solution for heavy-duty earthmoving equipment, tailored to handle the demanding environments of Australian worksites. Its directional tread pattern is engineered for exceptional traction and slip resistance in both dirt and soft soil conditions, which is crucial for maintaining productivity in variable terrains.

The tyre’s excellent cut-resistant tread compound ensures durability against sharp objects and rough surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of tyre damage during operations. Additionally, the outstanding self-cleaning properties of the tread prevent mud and debris build-up, maintaining optimal performance and extending tyre life.

The Advance E-2C is not just a tyre; it’s a pivotal part of your earthmoving equipment, ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness on the job.

Directional Tread Pattern

Ensures superior traction in dirt and soft soil, essential for maintaining control and efficiency in off-road conditions typical to Australian landscapes.

Cut Resistant Tread Compound

Offers enhanced protection against cuts and punctures, extending the tyre’s life and reducing the frequency of replacements.

Self-Cleaning Tread:

Features a unique design that sheds mud and debris effectively, ensuring continuous traction and preventing performance hindrance in muddy conditions.

Slip Resistance

Provides excellent grip and stability, reducing slip in wet and unstable terrains, which is crucial for safety in adverse weather conditions.

Brand Advance
Pattern E-2C
Width 14
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 20
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No