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Advance E-2A 10.00-20

Category: Advance

Off-Road Traction Tyre with Superior Durability

The Advance E-2A Bias Earthmover E-2 Traction Tyre is engineered to perform in challenging off-road conditions typical of Australian landscapes. Suitable for mini-excavators and medium-size off-the-road vehicles, this tyre features a unique directional tread pattern that ensures superior traction and slip resistance in dirt and soft soil environments.

The special tread compound used in the E-2A is developed to be exceptionally cut-resistant, providing long-lasting durability and reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, its outstanding self-cleaning capabilities minimize mud build-up, maintaining effective performance and enhancing safety during operation.

The Advance E-2A tyre is an excellent choice for operators seeking robust, high-performance tyres capable of handling the rigorous demands of off-road activities

Directional Tread Pattern

Specifically designed to improve traction and reduce slippage in soft soil and dirt, ensuring reliable performance under various off-road conditions.

Special Tread Compound

Offers excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions, extending the tyre's lifespan and enhancing its durability in harsh environments.

Self-Cleaning Capabilities

The tread design allows for effective self-cleaning, which prevents mud and debris accumulation, maintaining optimal traction and stability.

Outstanding Traction and Slip Resistance

Ensures a secure grip in challenging terrain, critical for safety and efficiency in off-road operations.

Brand Advance
Pattern E-2A
Width 10
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 20
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No