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C-1 Smooth

Advance C-1 Smooth 13/80-20 13.0/80-20

Category: Advance

Smooth ride, superior performance

The Advanced C-1 Smooth tire is specially designed for vibrating rollers used on various pavement materials. Its reversed arc tread design provides a wide and flat surface, ensuring exceptional damping and compaction performance. The tire’s tread compound offers excellent oil resistance, making it durable and reliable for long-lasting use.

Enhanced Damping

Experience a smooth and comfortable ride with the Advanced C-1 Smooth tire, thanks to its excellent damping properties. It minimizes vibrations and ensures optimum operator comfort.

Exceptional Compaction

Achieve superior compaction results with the Advanced C-1 Smooth tire. Its design and construction enable effective compaction on a variety of pavement materials, including compacted subgrade and bituminous street surfaces.

Reversed Arc Tread Design

The tire's reversed arc tread design provides a wide and flat surface, maximizing contact with the road. This design feature enhances stability, traction, and overall performance during operation.

Excellent Oil Resistance

The Advanced C-1 Smooth tire's tread compound offers excellent resistance to oil, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding working conditions. It maintains its performance and grip, providing reliable operation over an extended period.

Brand Advance
Pattern C-1 Smooth
Width 13
Aspect Ratio 80
Rim Size 20
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No