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Advance AR833 560/60R22.5

Category: Advance

Floatation, Precision, Protection

The Advance AR833 is a floatation tyre engineered to support a wide range of agricultural equipment, including balers, trailers, manure spreaders, and heavy seed drills. This tyre stands out for its ability to provide excellent traction across various ground types, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in diverse agricultural settings.

Its design prioritizes the health of the soil by minimizing compaction, thus preserving soil structure and fertility for future cultivation. The AR833 is also equipped with exceptional self-cleaning properties, ensuring that mud and debris do not hinder its performance.

With a focus on sustainability and durability, this tyre is an essential asset for modern farming operations that demand high performance without compromising on environmental stewardship.


Superior Floatation

The AR833 tyre is designed to distribute weight evenly, reducing ground pressure and soil compaction, which is crucial for maintaining soil health and crop yields.

Excellent Traction

With its advanced tread design, the tyre ensures reliable traction on all types of terrain, whether dry, wet, or uneven, facilitating smooth and efficient machinery operation.

Outstanding Self-Cleaning Properties

The tyre's tread pattern is optimized to eject mud and debris as it rotates, maintaining grip and performance even in muddy conditions.

Low Soil Compaction

The AR833's floatation capabilities significantly reduce the impact on the soil, preserving its structure and fertility, which is vital for sustainable agricultural practices.

Brand Advance
Pattern AR833
Width 560
Aspect Ratio 60
Rim Size 22.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No