Alliance 885 I-3 710/50R26.5 170D

Next-gen tyre for light duty applications with high load capacity, superior pressure distribution, and smooth road performance.

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Superior Performance for Light Duty Applications

The Alliance 885 I-3 is a new generation tyre designed for light duty applications such as balers, grain wagons, cultivators, and small agricultural trailers. With its high load carrying capacity and working speeds, it ensures optimal pressure distribution on the surface. The tyre’s high crown radius provides a maximum footprint area, enhancing flotation characteristics. Its large lug contact area at the center line enables a smooth and comfortable on-road experience.

High Load Capacity

The Alliance 885 I-3 tyre offers a high load carrying capacity, making it suitable for various light duty applications in the agricultural industry. It can handle heavy loads with ease and reliability.

Optimal Pressure Distribution

With its advanced engineering, the tyre ensures superior distribution of pressure on the surface. This feature helps maintain stability and reduces the risk of uneven wear, enhancing the tyre's overall lifespan.

Flotation Characteristics

The high crown radius of the Alliance 885 I-3 provides a maximum footprint area, resulting in excellent flotation characteristics. This allows the tyre to traverse different terrains with ease, minimizing soil compaction.

Smooth On-Road Performance

The large lug contact area at the center line of the tyre enables a smooth and comfortable run on the road. Whether transporting agricultural goods or moving between work sites, the Alliance 885 I-3 ensures a pleasant on-road experience.



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