Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 280/85R20 112B

The Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 is a top-quality tyre specifically designed for agricultural applications. Engineered with a strong carcass, this tyre guarantees longevity and remarkable resistance against mechanical failures, providing unwavering reliability.

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Extended service life

The Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 is a top-quality tire specifically crafted to meet the demanding needs of agricultural applications. Engineered with a robust carcass and built to last, this tire ensures longevity and exceptional resistance against mechanical failures, delivering unwavering reliability in the field.

Designed to excel in agricultural environments, the Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 tire is a trusted choice among farmers and agricultural professionals. Its specialized construction and advanced materials provide outstanding durability, allowing it to withstand the challenges of heavy loads, rough terrains, and various farming tasks. This tire is built to endure the demanding conditions of the agricultural industry, ensuring reliable performance day after day.

The strong carcass of the Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 tire is a testament to its durability and reliability. It provides enhanced strength and structural integrity, minimizing the risk of punctures, cuts, and other mechanical failures. With this tire, you can tackle challenging farming operations with confidence, knowing that it can withstand the toughest conditions and continue to perform reliably.

Longevity is a key feature of the Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 tire. Its resistance to wear and tear allows for extended service life, reducing the frequency of tire replacements and minimizing downtime. This tire’s remarkable longevity translates into cost savings and improved operational efficiency, as you can rely on its performance throughout the seasons without interruption.

The Alliance 842 FarmPro 85 tire is engineered with a deep understanding of the agricultural industry’s demands. It delivers reliable traction and stability, enhancing the performance of agricultural equipment in various farming tasks. Whether you’re plowing, seeding, or performing other field operations, this tire provides the grip and control needed to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Multi angle lug design with steep angles at the centre

Enables smooth ride along with self cleaning characteristics.

Shallow angle at shoulder

Provides superior traction.

Reinforced construction in the bead area and enhanced bead to bead distance

To facilitate perfect fit on the rim.

Regular cavity in the tread design

Ensures a straighter sidewall.



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