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Agri Star II

Alliance Agri Star II 600/70R30

Category: Alliance

Endurance Meets Innovation

The Alliance Agri Star II is a high-speed rated agricultural tyre that sets a new standard for durability and efficiency on the farm. Featuring innovative Stratified Layer Technology (SLT), it incorporates a dual-layer lug design: the top layer with a single angle profile for initial wear, and a bottom layer with a multi-angle profile that engages with the ground after 40% tyre wear.

This strategic design significantly increases the contact area at the tyre’s central portion, enhancing roadability and overall tyre performance as it wears. Furthermore, the Agri Star II boasts an increased rubber volume, which not only improves its stiffness but also significantly enhances wear resistance, extending the tyre’s service life and ensuring consistent performance across a variety of agricultural applications.

The Alliance Agri Star II tyre’s advanced design and technological features make it a formidable choice for farmers and agricultural professionals seeking to optimise their operations with tyres that offer both longevity and exceptional performance.

Stratified Layer Technology (SLT)

Innovative dual-layer lug design enhances tyre life and ensures superior performance throughout the tyre's lifespan, adapting to wear for improved contact and efficiency.

Increased Contact Area

The unique lug design increases the contact area with the ground after 40% wear, leading to better traction, stability, and roadability on various terrains.

Enhanced Wear Resistance

With a larger volume of rubber, the Agri Star II's stiffness is significantly improved, resulting in greater resistance to wear and a longer lifespan for the tyre.

Optimised for High-Speed

Designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture, the Agri Star II is rated for high speeds, ensuring that productivity and performance are maximised without compromising on safety or durability.

Brand Alliance
Pattern Agri Star II
Width 600
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 30
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No