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838 FarmPro TD23

Alliance 838 FarmPro TD23 7.50-16

Category: Alliance

Dependable traction

Enhance your productivity and experience dependable traction with the Alliance 838 FarmPro TD23 tire. Specifically designed for agricultural operations, this tire is an excellent choice to elevate your efficiency and performance in the field.

The Alliance 838 FarmPro TD23 tire is engineered to meet the demands of modern agricultural equipment. With its specialized design and construction, this tire provides optimal traction on various terrains, including fields, orchards, and vineyards. Whether you’re planting, harvesting, or performing other agricultural tasks, this tire ensures dependable traction, allowing you to work with confidence and precision.

Max traction

Offers maximum traction while distinct terracing in the space between the lugs is designed to enhance self cleaning and provide constant traction in soft soil and mud.

Neutral casing mold design

Minimises stresses from the under inflated to the inflated tyre, resulting in enhanced long term reliability.

Sturdy construction

Designed to withstand the rigors of agricultural environments

Brand Alliance
Pattern 838 FarmPro TD23
Width 7.5
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 16
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No