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376 MultiStar

Alliance 376 MultiStar 620/70R46

Category: Alliance

Versatility Meets Strength

The Alliance 376 MultiStar R-1 tyre is specifically designed for high-power tractors, combine harvesters, big wagons, and spreaders, epitomising versatility and durability in agricultural applications. Its unique construction and tread pattern are tailored for wide-ranging uses, providing a comfortable and smooth run on hard surfaces while ensuring high traction and efficient self-cleaning in field operations.

The tyre’s moderate non-skid depth and slightly rounded shoulders minimize ground disturbance, enhancing comfort during transport and efficiency during fieldwork. This balance of features makes the 376 MultiStar R-1 an ideal choice for modern agricultural professionals who demand performance, durability, and versatility from their tyres.

The “R-1” designation signifies the tyre’s classification as primarily designed for agricultural field use, with a focus on balancing traction in soft soil conditions with the capability to perform well on hard roads for short distances. This classification ensures the Alliance 376 MultiStar R-1 tyre is a versatile choice for modern farming needs, combining field efficiency with road transport practicality.

High-Power Machinery Compatibility

Designed for use with tractors, combine harvesters, wagons, and spreaders, this tyre supports the demands of high-power agricultural machinery, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Specialised Tread Pattern

The tyre features a tread pattern with moderate non-skid depth and slightly rounded shoulders, offering a balance between smooth operation on hard surfaces and effective traction in the field.

Versatile Application

Its construction and tread design enable wide multipurpose applications, from fieldwork to road transport, providing flexibility and efficiency for a range of agricultural tasks.

Enhanced Comfort and Self-Cleaning

The tyre's design promotes comfortable, smooth runs on hard surfaces, while its high traction and good self-cleaning capabilities ensure uninterrupted performance in the field, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 376 MultiStar
Width 620
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 46
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No