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365 Agri Star

Alliance 365 Agri Star 540/65R28

Category: Alliance

Durability in Tough Terrains

The Alliance 365 Agri Star R-1 represents the pinnacle of modern tire technology for utility and high-power tractors engaged in forestry and demanding agricultural tasks. This tire is also perfectly suited for combine harvesters and agricultural implements, showcasing versatility across various heavy-duty jobs. Designed with a focus on high traction and low slip capabilities, it not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly enhances fuel economy.

Its construction features a strong nylon casing reinforced with steel belts, a high under tread gauge for added durability, and thick sidewalls to withstand the rigors of forestry and agricultural environments. The special tread compound and a protective mud guard are tailored for smooth, reliable operations across both cohesive and wet soils, while the high non-skid depth ensures exceptional traction forces under all conditions.

The “R-1” designation indicates that the Alliance 365 Agri Star is specifically designed for use in agricultural applications, offering optimized traction for plowing and field work. Its comprehensive design approach makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a tire that can withstand the rigors of forestry and heavy agricultural operations without compromising on performance or fuel efficiency.

Strong Nylon Casing and Steel Belts

Provides a robust foundation for the tire, ensuring durability and resistance to punctures, ideal for navigating through rough, forested, and agricultural terrains.

High Under Tread Gauge

Enhances the tire's durability and longevity, protecting against underfoot hazards and contributing to a more reliable performance in harsh conditions.

Thick Sidewalls with Special Tread Compound

Offers increased resistance to cuts and abrasions, ensuring the tire's integrity even in challenging environments, while the special tread compound ensures grip on various surfaces.

Protective Mud Guard and High Non-Skid Depth

The protective mud guard minimizes debris accumulation, ensuring consistent performance, while the high non-skid depth maximizes traction on wet and cohesive soils, improving safety and operational efficiency.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 365 Agri Star
Width 540
Aspect Ratio 65
Rim Size 28
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No