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349 R-1 Yield Master

Alliance 349 R-1 Yield Master 23.1-26

Category: Alliance

Harvest Efficiency Redefined

The Alliance 349 R-1 Yield Master tyre represents the pinnacle of innovation in agricultural tyres, tailored for harvester applications requiring both on and off-road capabilities. Constructed with a premium bias and a stubble-resistant tread compound, it is engineered to withstand the rigours of harvesting without succumbing to rapid wear. The tyre’s 23-degree lug angle is meticulously designed to offer higher traction, exceptional self-cleaning properties, and significantly reduce soil compaction, safeguarding crop yield.

Its enhanced footprint maximises the contact area with the ground, ensuring not only an excellent grip during operation but also contributing to its slow wear characteristics. This, combined with its superb roadability, makes the Yield Master a resilient partner for modern agriculture, extending operational life and reducing the frequency of tyre replacements.

The “R-1” designation indicates that the tyre is specifically designed for agricultural applications, focusing on providing the best possible performance in field conditions, where traction and minimal soil disturbance are crucial.

Stubble-Resistant Tread Compound

Specifically designed to resist wear and tear from stubble and rough terrain, extending the tyre's life and ensuring reliability throughout the harvest season.

23-Degree Lug Angle

The unique tread design with a 23-degree lug angle maximises traction, enabling efficient operation in various soil conditions while promoting good self-cleaning and reducing downtime.

Low Soil Compaction

The tyre's design and larger footprint minimise soil compaction, preserving soil health and ensuring higher crop yields by maintaining the soil's structural integrity.

Superior Roadability and Slow Wear

The Alliance 349 R-1 Yield Master's larger amount of rubber in contact with the ground not only provides excellent grip for on and off-road applications but also ensures slow tyre wear, translating to cost savings and prolonged tyre life.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 349 R-1 Yield Master
Width 23.1
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 26
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No