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347 R-1

Alliance 347 R-1 20.8-38

Category: Alliance

Max Traction, Smooth Ride

The Alliance 347 R-1 represents the pinnacle of tractor tire engineering, designed to ensure maximum traction across all soil conditions with its advanced 23-degree lug configuration. This tire provides not just superior grip but also a remarkably smooth ride, enhancing the efficiency and comfort of agricultural operations.

Constructed with a strong nylon carcass, it stands resilient against mechanical failures and moisture-induced deterioration, extending the tire’s life and reliability in the field. Additionally, it incorporates breakers for enhanced puncture protection, safeguarding against interruptions and maintaining consistent performance. Ideal for farmers seeking a tire that combines durability, protection, and operational efficiency, the Alliance 347 R-1 is a testament to advanced tire technology designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern agriculture.

The “R-1” designation indicates that the Alliance 347 tire is specifically designed for use in agriculture, optimized for field and soil operations where traction and durability are key. This classification ensures that the tire is ideal for driving over loose or cultivated soil, offering the perfect blend of performance and protection for farming activities.

23-Degree Lug Design

he higher number of specifically angled lugs ensures superior traction in all types of soil, enabling more efficient plowing, planting, and harvesting operations.

Smooth Driving Experience

Despite its aggressive traction, the tire is engineered to provide a smooth ride, reducing operator fatigue and improving the comfort of agricultural tasks.

Strong Nylon Carcass

This feature offers exceptional resistance to mechanical failures and moisture, ensuring the tire's longevity and consistent performance under challenging conditions.

Enhanced Puncture Protection

With engineered breakers for added durability, the tire is better protected against punctures, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 347 R-1
Width 20.8
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 38
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No