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323 AS

Alliance 323 AS 16.0/70-20 16/70-20 400/70-20 405/70-20 400/75-20

Category: Alliance

Stability on both on-road and off-road

With its advanced tread design and durable construction, this tyre provides excellent traction and stability on both on-road and off-road surfaces.

Whether you’re driving on highways, rural roads or other challenging terrain, the Alliance 323 AS delivers the performance you need to stay safe and in control. Its strong nylon carcass also ensures good resistance to mechanical tyre failures.

Trust the Alliance 323 AS to provide exceptional durability and reliability for all your driving needs. 

Made for the farm

Designed for tractors, implements, self-propelled harvesting equipment and light industrial/construction applications.

Superior carcass casing

Bead construction for better tyre life.

Extra deep lug

Provides good performance under severe working conditions.

Directional tread pattern

Specially designed to provides excellent traction and self cleaning properties.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 323 AS
Width 16
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 20
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No