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POB Treaded

Advance POB Treaded 21×8-15

Category: Advance

Strength and Stability, Uncompromised.

The Alliance POB Treaded, a press-on-band treaded tire, is engineered for those who require both durability and performance. Its unique, puncture-proof design and high load capacity make it the perfect choice for demanding conditions. Further enhanced with a square tread profile, it ensures superior stability, transforming your ride into a smooth and safe experience.

Puncture-Proof Technology

The Alliance POB Treaded is crafted to be puncture-proof, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Designed for toughness, it ensures you can drive confidently in all terrains and conditions.

High Load Capacity

The Alliance POB Treaded possesses a high load capacity. Its durable construction allows it to withstand substantial weights without compromising its performance, providing you the assurance of reliability even under heavy loads.

Square Tread Profile

The Alliance POB Treaded is designed to maximize stability. This unique feature ensures a wider contact area with the ground, offering you improved balance and control, even at high speeds or challenging terrains.

Exceptional Stability

The tire's exceptional stability comes from its well-engineered design, complemented by the square tread profile. Experience a ride where control is never compromised, no matter the journey.

Brand Advance
Pattern POB Treaded
Width 21
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 8
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No