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POB Treaded

Advance POB Treaded 21×8-15

Category: Advance

Strength on Every Ground

Engineered for tough industrial environments in Australia, the Advance POB Treaded press-on-band tyre is ideal for those who need reliability without the downtime.

Its puncture-proof design and ability to handle high loads make it perfect for a variety of heavy-duty applications, from warehouses to construction sites. The tyre features a square tread profile for enhanced stability, allowing for a smoother and safer operation.

Low rolling resistance also reduces energy consumption, making it an economical choice for businesses looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Also available in a non-marking white version to ensure clean floors in sensitive environments where cleanliness is paramount.

Puncture-Proof Technology

Built to be resilient against punctures, this tyre reduces maintenance costs and increases uptime in demanding conditions.

High Load Capacity

Capable of supporting substantial weights, it ensures reliable performance under heavy-duty use.

Square Tread Profile

Offers improved balance and control, enhancing stability across various terrains.

Energy Efficient

Designed to have low rolling resistance, it helps in reducing fuel or energy consumption, contributing to lower operational costs.

Brand Advance
Pattern POB Treaded
Width 21
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 8
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No