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Advance L-5S 26.5-25

Category: Advance

Durability in Toughness

Designed specifically for the harsh environments of the mining industry in Australia, the Advance L-5S Mining Smooth tyre offers unmatched durability and resistance against severe conditions.

This tyre features a massive tread that provides the ultimate protection against rock damage and penetration, making it perfect for use in sites where sharp debris is common. Its design is tailored to prevent shoulder lug tearing and is compatible with protective chains, enhancing its utility in environments where external tyre protection is necessary.

The L-5S Mining Smooth is specifically designed to withstand impacts and resist cutting, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in Australia’s most demanding mining operations.

Massive Tread Design

Offers superior resistance to rock damage and deep tread penetration, extending tyre life under extreme conditions.

Enhanced Shoulder Protection

Specifically engineered to prevent shoulder lug tearing, this feature makes the tyre ideal for rugged terrains where such damage is prevalent.

Compatibility with Protective Chains

Designed to be used with protective chains, this tyre ensures additional safety and durability in environments where tyre protection is crucial.

Impact and Cut Resistant

Tailored to resist impacts and cuts, the tyre maintains integrity and performance in challenging mining applications, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Brand Advance
Pattern L-5S
Width 26.5
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 25
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No