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Advance L-2 23.5-25

Category: Advance

Robust Off-Road Capability

The Advance L-2  tyre is engineered for superior performance in difficult terrains, ideal for road graders, excavators, and dozers. Featuring interlocking center lugs and an open shoulder design, this tyre provides excellent steering stability and traction in soft ground conditions.

The dual-rated G2/L2 casing is tailored for telescopic telehandlers, ensuring durability and reliability. Enhanced sidewall compounds contribute to its long lifespan and resistance to scuffing, while its outstanding self-cleaning tread design offers continuous performance by preventing mud and debris build-up.

Designed for the demanding conditions of construction sites, the Advance L-2 tyre is the ultimate choice for companies in Australia looking for a robust, reliable tyre that excels in off-road performance and stability.

Wide Block Design

Enhances durability and resistance to damage, ideal for the rugged demands of construction sites.

Interlocking Center Lugs

Provide outstanding steering stability in soft terrain, crucial for maintaining control in challenging environments.

Open Shoulder Design

Delivers exceptional traction and effective self-cleaning properties, ensuring optimal performance in muddy conditions.

Enhanced Sidewall Compounds

Offers extended tyre life and improved resistance to scuffing, reducing operational costs and downtime.

Brand Advance
Pattern L-2
Width 23.5
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 25
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No