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Advance E-4D 18.00-33

Category: Advance

Unmatched durability in extreme conditions

Engineered for extreme durability and resilience, the Advance E-4D Earthmover tyre is the ultimate choice for challenging terrains. This tyre is built with a heavy-duty construction that includes an integrated rim guard and a protective sidewall to prevent damage from rocks and debris.

The extra deep tread design not only enhances the tyre’s lifespan but also provides exceptional cut resistance, making it ideal for severe service applications across Australia’s diverse and rugged landscapes.

From mining operations to construction sites, the Advance E-4D ensures consistent performance and reliability.

Extra Deep Tread

Enhances durability and extends the tyre’s life by providing exceptional resistance to cuts and abrasions, ideal for navigating rough terrains.

Heavy Tyre Construction

Built to withstand severe conditions with an integrated rim guard and a robust sidewall protector that guards against impacts and punctures.

Extreme Durability

Specifically designed for longevity and reliability in the toughest environments, ensuring fewer replacements and reduced downtime.

Cut Resistance

Offers superior protection against sharp rocks and rough debris, maintaining structural integrity and performance under extreme conditions.

Brand Advance
Pattern E-4D
Width 18
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 33
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No